The School that has a roof toop !

apalli_school_front-view_1.jpgMe and my wife were looking at some pictures taken by our friends in hyderabad, India. The pictures were of a school in Anikepalli , a village near hyderabad. My wife immediately said ” Not bad, this school has a roof”.

A school in a village is assumed to be with no roof , no proper toilet facilities , no desks or benches or sometimes even without a teacher. I asked my self , is it really that bad ?

The constitution has made free and compulsory education for every child between a certain age group. It took 60 years for free India to realize the importance of basic education, wonder how many more years it will take to really implement this.

Is it really worth the wait, definetly not.

to see what i am involved with 

I can do something and this something lead me to join a group of individuals trying to make a difference in the society and we , infact , made a difference atleast to few people in the society and thats a start.

I am happy that i am also doing something more than simply blogging 🙂



7 thoughts on “The School that has a roof toop !

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  1. Suresh, you have so many ideas and you have the urge to do something for the society. I am anxious to read your experiences and ideas. Please update the blog regularly.

  2. Hi Suresh:

    I happened to find your blog on the net while surfing for sthing. You seem to be involved in a pretty good cause. Let me know if i can be of your help in this cause in any way.

    (313) 282-1370.

  3. Dont say that India realized importance of basic education. In fact it was implemented way back in 1950s. Indian government spends a lot(subsidises) even for Higher education (Scientific and technical) upto masters degree, unlike USA and other developed countries.

    The reason for the present situation is selfishness and greed of each and every government employee, the bureaucrats or administrators and the political heads.

    Take for instance how many or the IIT/MBA graduates are working for the welfare of the country? those elites get subsidised higher education and go to settle in developed countries.

  4. I appreciate your comments, but the consitution of India had made free and compulsory education as a basic right only now.

    and Prasad, we all are very much aware of the fact that the government, the politicians, the burecrats and the list goes on ,are infact responsible for the situation.

    However, we as citizens are also responsible for the situation and should do our bit to help bring a change !

    keep your comments comming 🙂

  5. Hi Suresh;

    I am sorry, i could not talk to you much about your ongoing projects. You can give me a call anytime tomorrow or saturday morning to see if i could be of any help in your projects.

    (313) 282-1370.

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