Bewaja Maut ( The unwanted death )

Seven children die in 17 hours in Nilofer hospital , Hyderabad! A media headline, front page news article and a huge opportunity for the opposition to blame the ruling party.

Yes, thats exactly how the reaction to such a ghastly incident is , nothing less and nothing more than that.

This is not the first time nilofer hosptial had made such headlines, unfortunately this is not the last time either. Also what is even more tragic is there are many hospitals that are responsible for such unwanted disasters, but do not catch the media attention.

Everybody is involved in the blame game and why not, everybody has their own reasons behind it. But when do we get to crux of the problem ? When do we learn to work in unison ? When do we actually try to identify the problem ? When do we solve the problem ?

Ultimately its a team effort and until all the members of the team : the media, the government , the opposition , the politicians, the burecrats, the CITIZENS plays their role effectively , such unwanted deaths cannot be prevented in the future.


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