Social Responsibility

A Unicef report in May said the world was failing its children by not ensuring that they had enough to eat.

It said the number of children under five who were underweight had remained virtually unchanged since 1990, despite a target to reduce the number affected.

The report said India contributed to about 5.6 million child deaths per year, more than half the world’s total.

How many more deaths have to be recorded ,for the country and its people to realize the great disaster. These are a result of “Silent Tsunamis” , which are far more devastating and yet , completely ignored.

Same is the case with hundreds of farmers who commit suicides and yet completely unnoticed
Same is the case with the child labor …….. Where are we heading ?

There is no single person , there is no single organisation, there is no single politician, there is no single government that can bring in a change. Its even needless to expect somebody to come and change the situation. Be the change that you want see ,as Mahatma quoted .

Its the people, its us who have to deliver.

How to bring about this change ?

People from all walks of life, all communities must be confronted with such social issues and help them take this responsibility. Education institutions, Private organisations, businesses, government offices, employees, farmers, villages everybody must take the responsibility.

Just like religion is part of our culture, social responsibility should be made part of culture. A classic example , people find time to go to the temples to offer their prayers and do religious ceremonies. But they do not find time for social activities and why is this ? Simply because they do not feel obligated to do so as this is not part of our system.


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