Medical cases and MAD’s policy

How many times have we come across people seeking help with medical expenditure through newspapers, televisions. The people who need help are anybody from small kids to old people. Being humans, we all tend to react to such claims and in other instances we also want to do something about it. Here is a set of questions one needs to ask before reacting to such claim .

Before we take up any medical case, we need to get meaningful answers for the following

  • How did we come to know about this case? (Friends, new papers, ads, gossip etc)
  • Is there a need to validate the case by site visits/calls etc?
  • How eager are the recipients to receive the help?
  • Are they taking help for granted?
  • What is the kind of help they are expecting?
  • Incase of monetary help, their ability to pay back in the form of interest free loan?
  • What are the timelines? How quickly do they need help?
  • Can we realistically take up the case? If not, is there any other group that can?
  • How much can we help? If monetary help, then how much money can we raise?
  • What are the timelines?
  • Justification for us to take up the case
  • Is there a group already doing such kind of works?
  • Reach out to various groups/networks
  • Is there a volunteer who can shoulder the responsibility of the case?
  • If monetary help, raise funds through monthly contributions of MAD members, other groups, government help, contributions from non-MAD members who are interested only in sponsoring special kind of cases, fund raising events etc.

Every case must have a volunteer who can shoulder the responsibility of the case; a single point of contact for any updates etc. It would be his responsibility to coordinate the efforts and reach out to other willing volunteers for help.

  • Update the group regularly about the case
  • Incase of monetary help
  • Volunteer should strictly abide by the monetary guidelines of the group
  • Keep track of money spent and submit all related bills and receipts
  • Should mail accounts against cash advances made at regular intervals.
  • Document the progress of the project and put it on the website so that everyone can view it. This can be turned into a project report towards the completion of the case. The report should be in such a way that we should be able to refer to it at anytime in the future. ( must includes milestones, dates etc )

2 thoughts on “Medical cases and MAD’s policy

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  1. I agree on all the above points. When we were framing these guidelines we had thought thru all these….and I think all of these make a good scale to help decide on taking up a case.

    However, I am not sure if we can always wait to get answers on all these qns. Whr do we call ‘adequate’ and decide, if we end up having a long wait to get all answers, and time is of essence..?


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