The Not for profit dilemma

With no so many non profit organisations around and a good number of them still in the making, it is important to understand what makes a non profit succesful.

A non profit in its simple terms is a group of individuals ( or an individual ) committed to make a difference in the society. As the group evolves its activities evolve and thats when it takes the shape of an organisation. An organisation with volunteers dedicated to taken on definite roles and responsibilities.

That’s when everything begins, how does an organisation evolve from that point on ? How does it grow bigger ? How does it become succesful year after year and every year.

The answer to this is a perception more than anything. The perception of treating a NOT FOR PROFIT as PROFIT organisation and running it like one.

Take a simple example. The profit making companies use advertisement as a tool to sell its products, to reach out to a wider audience, similarly a not for profit should use awareness campaigns to reach out to a large section of the community.

Adopting this perception, however, is not a simple adjustment. The not for profits have their own principles, own set of rules and guideliness and own organisational restrictions and limitations. And very ofthen find spending no resources on campaigning efforts to raise awareness about their activities.

The 10 things the non profits should do

1) Have a mission.

2) Organize awareness campaigns to spread the mission.

3) Organize fund raisers.

4) Recruit volunteers.

5) Conduct regular volunteer meets and keep the momentum going.

6) Maintain complete account transparency.Publish the account statements regularly.

7) Publish the projects undertaken , future projects.

8) Organize regular meetings with the sponsors and any supporters of your organisation.

9)  Try and reach out to the media if you can .

10) Last but not the least,  treat your organisation as a business.


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