Sponsoring basic education for kids

Yes, that’s exactly what me and my friends decided to do in this year. It took me a while , but i managed to convince my friends from undergrad to take up some social responsibilities.

Once we came together, we decided to pool $25 a month and then came the big question of what to do with this money. We gave ourselves a couple of weeks time for sending the proposals. Since at this point , we were only committed to monetary help , we decided that it would be in the best interest of the group to channel this money through a credible organization and support their projects.

I introduced sam and vonumu organization (vonumu.org)to my friends. Vonumu is good at

  • identifying eligible kids for sponsorships.
  • establishing one to one relationship between the sponsor and sponsoree.
  • providing regular updates of the kid to the sponsor.
  • organizing all sponsor meet to understand theie concerns, if any.
  • negotiating the overall cost of education with the schools to keep it a minimum.
  • selecting a good team of volunteers to constantly monitor these kids.
  • maintaining complete account transparency.

We have decided to sponsor at least 15 kids this year at a cost of $140 per year per kid. We hope to maintain a close relationship with the kids we sponsor and also plan to offer more than simply monetary help.
It feels great to be part of this group , BTW , we call this group as SWAS , a breath of fresh air.


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