Health is Wealth ……. is it , really ?

Health is Wealth is an old adage !  The new saying “No Wealth No Health ” . because only wealth can buy health .

Private health expenditure accounts for 80 per cent of the total health care costs. Since there is no concept of health care , especially for the poor, any such expenditure will have to come from his/her own pockets.And what is even worse is, their economic conditions force them to borrow loans on very high interest rates from private money lenders, pushing them deeper into the poverty.There are government hospitals that have been setup exclusively to offer free and good medical care for the poor. Everybody knows how the government hospitals treats its patients. To sum up the whole situation of the state run hospitals , people die not because of their disease or ill health, but by the way they are treated at the hospitals.

This is despite the fact that crores of money is given as subsidies to these hospitals by the government. Nilofer hospital in hyderabad, which is a government hospital is a children’s special hospital. There was an incident not too long ago where 17 kids died with in 16 hours due to sheer negligence, lack of facilities and more importantly lack of any accountability on part of the hospital authorities.

This is where RTI can be so useful. We need to wake up the authorities by asking questions which they never expected to be asked and their by make them accountable and responsible. We only want them to do what they are paid for and nothing less, nothing more.

I would like to ask the health ministry of Andhra Pradesh
1) How much money was allocated for health care in the year 2006?
2) Breakdown of where and how this money was spent ?
3) Is there anything called free health care for the poor ?
4) How much money was spent in improving the hospitals and its breakdown?
5) How much money was spent in producing, distribution of medicines and its breakdown ?
and any other possible information that could wake up this system .

So my question , how to use RTI ? more specifically
1) Whom to write to in the health ministry ?
2) What is the application process ?
3) Can this be filed online or does it have to be in person or via mail ?
any other useful information that will help me file this .


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