The hearth that is the size of a walnut !

Imagine a surgery being done to a 3 month old baby’s heart which is the size of a walnut.

Sai Charan was born with a rare heart disease. In simple terms, impure blood is circulated to all parts of the body. His father, Ramesh , a driver in a college in Cuddapah ,( Kurnool district , Andhra Pradesh ) could not afford the surgery and hence approached eenadu newspaper to reach out to the indian community.

We ( M.A.D volunteers ) took notice of this news. Once we validated the claim in the newspaper, our volunteers did not waste any time. Sai Charan was brought to Narayana Hrudalaya hospital, Bangalore. The volunteers stayed in the hospital for almost 4 days, right from the day when the kid was admitted till he was succesfully operated upon.

We all were extremely happy that we could save the little kid and a big thanks to all our volunteers.

Now imagine this.

What if Ramesh ( Sai Charan’s father ) never went to the press ? What if M.A.D never reacted to the claim in the news paper ? What if we failed to raise the required money ?

There are thousands ( or even more ) out there whose own or a certain family members life is in danger and have no body to hear them. There are no hospitals they could go to, there are no doctors who would attend them , there are no medicines …. and why , because all those people who are suffering are poor.

This forces me to wonder why the governments spends crores of rupees every year on the so called “Government Hospitals”. I was under the assumption that these hospitals should be well equipped to handle any kind of ailment and at a subsidized cost or even for free. But that was just my assumption.

The hospital authorities need to be shaken up. They need to understand that they exist for a reason and that they need to justify their existence. How could we do this ? What could we do to help those thousands to receive timely medical help ?

As an individual or as a group , we could explore the option of using RTI to understand how these government hospitals function. This is bound to give us some definite answers.

Until then , anytime you read a claim for medical help in the newspaper, don’t just discard it as just another classic means to extract money . Try to enquire and try to help. If you cannot help directly , forward them to someone who could.

Note: M.A.D stands for Make A Difference. A group of dedicate individuals who believe every individual can make a difference.


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