How was your weekend ?

It was relaxing ; Spent time with the family ; Went for a movie ; would be some typical answers to this question. Our friends from M.A.D had no different answer, except that they did something more this time.

Distributed food to the homeless : Cooked and packaged 50 packets of lemon rice, 50 packets of curd rice and distributed to the people living on the streets. This is something we would like to continue doing every week. Obviously, we would like to increase the number of packets we distribute and the number of people we distribute to.

Distributed blankets: We have now distributed over 125 to 130 blankets to the homeless. Our friends went around the streets in the wee hours and handed over blankets to every individual who genuinely needs them.

Needless to say , the reaction we got was tremendous. A lady wanted to take pictures and said , ” I want to show this to our people in the village and tell them how good the people of hyderabad are “.

Obviosuly , this is not the solution to the problem of hunger and poverty ,but until we get to the root of it and find an amicable solution, this is an alternative. May be these experiences will teach us and show us the way.


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