When we go M.A.D

I am alluding to the increasing number of medical cases we (M.A.D team) has taken up over the past few months. All our friends in hyderabad, bangalore went out of their way , contributing their time , effort and money to ensure that not only the patient gets the required treatment , but also gets enough emotional support to go through the difficult times.

It is this emotional aspect that is now becoming the bone of contention. So i decided to share my views on this.

Emotional support , is this good or bad. On a macroscopic level , it is very much justified , because its human nature, but when looked under the microscope, there are a few things that if done a bit differently can be of great benefit to the patient’s family than to our team.

1) Extent of financial support : In more than 95% of the cases we take up , the support should be

  • operational costs;
  • pre and post operational costs strictly limited to the patient; such as medicines , hospital accommodation etc.

2) Designate a M.A.D helper in the patient’s family :- This person will be responsible for carrying out all the activities such as

  • getting medicines;
  • talking to the doctors;
  •  provide emotional support to the family and the patient;

3) Educate the M.A.D helper:- It will be our responsibility to educate the M.A.D helper so that he or she understands our expectations and make him better prepared to handle the situation.

All the above 3 points indicate that the responsibility should be shared equally by us and the family. It will be and it should be a collective team effort. By doing so , we are making the family more independent when it comes to supporting themselves once the operation is completed and the patient is discharged from the hospital. They will be better equipped to handle any crisis .

We are not doing anybody any favor, we are doing this, because it is our responsibility , if we do not do , then who else will ? It is important that we give the same message to the patient and his/her family.  This is our mission , to instigate the feeling of doing something for our society and our people.


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