Free Electricity and Free Power

Imagine getting free electricity, imagine generating electricity. This is not a dream but a reality, made possible by Mr.Chandrakanth Pathak, a mechanical engineer by profession.

The concept was simple. Chandrakanth relied on the fact that anything that moves can be used to generate power.

Bicycles and Bullocks were used to develop lift pumps and spray pumps. The lift pumps were powerful enough to draw water from a depth of fifty feet and pump it up to a height of 100 feet. Almost 15-40 liters of water can pumped per minute. The spray pumps can spray insecticide or water up to the height of 30 feet.

Later he developed the ‘Bullock powered energy machine’. The machine converts the 2 RPM input from a bullock into a 1500 RP output with the help of a simple gear box. There are about 8,20,000 bullocks in Maharashtra alone and if 10% of them were put to work for 2 hrs a day , then 4,000 MW of electricity can be produced.

Currently Pathak’s power-generation gadgets are widely used in districts of Pune and Maharashtra. The Energy development Agencies in Karantaka and Punjab have also shown their interest in these gadgets.

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