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I as part of the M.A.D group have been sponsoring medical cases over a year now and in the process realized that it is personally very satisfying because we were able to save someone’s life. But how long can we do this , how many people can we save , where do we get the money from. It is questions like this made me to think , why did the situation even arise ?

Why do the poor people have to resort to media for any medical sponsorship. Why can’t the government hospitals handle this, isn’t this what they are supposed to do anyways. Clearly , that’s not happening. I decided to use RTI to find out what exactly happens with the money & resources that is spent on maintaining these hospitals. I chose Ghandhi hosptial in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh , India.

After spending nearly 2 months researching online to find out about RTI and the process/procedures involved, i was able to write an application and thanks to Rakesh ( from bhumi.in )  for helping me formalize the application. In a couple of days i shall be filing this and am hopeful that i could find some meaning full answers. I am posting the application , in case any one wants to provide any additional feedback or comments on this.


Public Information Officer,

Gandhi Hospital.

Sub: Reg “Seeking information of Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad under the Right to Information Act 2005.(RTI)

Respected Sir,

I would like to know the following information pertaining to Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad which falls under your jurisdiction as per the law prescribed under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

  1. How many patients can the hospital currently handle on a daily basis?

(Details to also include the average number of patients it handled per day in the last one month)

  1. How many emergency wards are there?

(Details to include ward numbers, number of beds in each ward etc)

  1. How many casualty wings are there?

(Details to include wing numbers, number of beds in each wing etc)

  1. How many radiology wings are there?
  2. How may Wards for HIV and tuberculosis?
  3. How many outpatient wards are there?
  4. What are the different diagnostic services that are available in the hospital?

(Details to include the name of the diagnostic service, how many machines per service, how many are in workign condition)

  1. How many doctors and the nurses are available during the day time?

(Details to include the number of doctors and shift timings)

  1. How much money did the government spend on improving the hospital infrastructure and facilities in the financial years 2004-05,2005-06,2006-07?

( Details to include amount spent in crores, the purpose they were spent on and the status of the works undertaken with that money)

Thanking You sir,


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  1. Friends,

    India has very low per capita expenditure on public health. There are large number of public health schemes intiated by Central and State Government. Many of these may be executed only “on paper”, with highly exagerrated reports on benefits derived from them. RTI can be used to find whether benefit reaches the intended beneficiaries.

    Use of RTI Act is essential to ensure that public authorities dealing with public health administration actually perform! Lot of abberation have evolved (corruption and inefficiency), in the absence of sustained public pressure demanding better performance by the public health authorities.

    Dhirendra Krishna IA&AS (Retired)

  2. Thanks for your response. Do you know how i could get the PIO information for the Gandhi Hospital , Secuderabad , Andhra Pradesh.

  3. Thanks for giving me exposure to this very effective tool for “Citizen Watch Groups”. It is inspiring me to submit an RTI to King George Hospital in Vizag. I will wait to see teh outcome from Gandhi Hospital.


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