Outpatient Management System – Health Care

What is OPMS ?

OPMS stands for Out Patient Management System. As the name suggests, it’s to manage those patients who haven’t found a doctor , haven’t found a hospital where they can be admitted , haven’t found a sponsor who could bear their medical expenses

Why do we need OPMS ?

Let me help you understand a typical scenario
Ramesh, is a daily wage labor. He lives with his two kids and his wife in a village. Suddenly his daughter fell sick and after much deliberation @ the local hospital , he is advised to take her to the city’s big hospital. Now he has an uphill task of

  1. Finding an hospital where she could be admitted
  2. Finding a doctor who could attend to her
  3. Diagnose what the problem is
  4. Arrange for appropriate medical facilities
  5. Arrange for medical expenses.

Now given that Ramesh is from a rural background , doesn’t know much about how city hospitals work, what paper work needs to be filled out, whom to approach , how to approach.
Now lets talk about the worst case scenario where his daugther needs a major operation. He has even bigger problems of arranging for the cost. Now he doesn’t even know that there are NGO’s , individuals who are generous enough to help him with his cause.

OPMS would like to fill in these gaps



No matter how advanced the technology becomes , it is almost useless unless the benefits of it reaches the poor.

Appreciate your comments & suggestions .



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