We just organized our first fund raiser “CRY IDOL 2007” , a singing competition based on the very popular American Idol.

32 contestants , 20 semi-finalists , 10 finalists and 2 winners. The event was witnessed by 150 people and judged by 2 prominent judges in Uday Benegal and Sunitha Kapoor.

So all in all , the event was a huge success. Not only did we manage to create awareness, raise money but also were able to provide a platform to show case the local singing talents.

But the path to success was difficult , as often is the case.

We started out with almost 12 volunteers , with great enthusiasm and energy, everybody wanted a piece of action. However, this only lasted couple of weeks. Situation was getting worse day by day, there came a point where we almost wanted to back out.

We were down to just 5 , but we stuck together and we thought to ourselves, if it’s not tough , then there is no fun in doing what we were doing.

Then we received the $1000 sponsorship check and that gave us lot of hope and courage. Slowly things started to fall in place , the volunteers were giving their best and working hard. There was no reason to believe that we could not pull this event.

And we did manage to pull this event together and it was a success , so much so that everybody wanted CRY IDOL 2008 and that’s a testimony to how well the event war organized.

Pictures of the Auditions and the Finals.

A few important lessons that we learned

1) We had asked the contestants to bring their own karoake CD’s , our assumption  was that it would be less work for us. But we faced lot of problems playing those CD’s , because of incorrect formats.  What we should have done was to ask the contestants to send in the names of the songs they wanted to perform and get the karoake CD’s ourselves.

2) Rely more on local publicity and word of mouth.

3) Have voting options for the audience and add weightage to their votes.

4) Try to get the venue sponsor the event or atleast look for an event that would cost no more than $500. Community centers are usually a good bet.

if anything else, feel free to post your comments.



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