Happy Independence day …. or is it ?

It’s 15th August , India’s independence day. It means different things to different people. For freedom fighters, it meant a great sense of pride ; for kids it meant half a day and chocolates; for politicians it meant an extravagant display of power and authority with no real sense of responsibility , but for millions of Indians it means absolutely nothing.

India is still not free; Caste system , poverty , corruption , malnutrition still rules India.

Let’s not getting into bashing the government for there will be no end to this, but we should do is take a step back and think for ourselves how responsible have we been. Are we also not as responsible as the government is , if not more.

Ok , may be it’s a bit exaggerated , but there is some truth to this.

Each one of us has the potential to do something meaningful to justify our independence. No, it’s not an independence day speech , it’s a sense of responsibility; it’s a belongingness; it’s a sense of being an Indian that makes me say that “India is not free yet!”.

Just think what would you answer when you kid asks “What have you done for India , for your people ?”.

Better late than never ……. let’s do something more than just the ordinary, because we can and we should


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