Health on Wheels !

I get sick and i go see the doctor. It’s as simple as that.

Now imagine a hard working daily wage worker getting sick. He won’t even think about seeing a doctor.

Why ?

He cannot afford to; the doctors or the hospital are not accessible; the lack of knowledge about health and it’s importance.

But what if the doctors can come to him, do his basic medical check up at affordable prices. This in essence is what the “Health on Wheels” is about.

Let’s see what the Health on Wheels can offer.

  • Physical Exams
  • Health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, HIV/AID
  • Immunizations, vaccinations
  • Preventive health care
  • Basic pathological services (Blood, Urine)
  • Distribution of medicines, condoms
  • X-ray, ultrasound, ECG
  • Health Education.

To implement this project, at the minimum we need

  • A team of professional doctors.
  • A team of medical staff.
  • A team of volunteers.
  • A van with all the necessary equipment and devices.
  • A computer system to track the patients history.
  • Medical camps to be conducted at regular frequencies.

So why is that the mobile clinics are not present everywhere, where the hospitals aren’t. The google search returned only a few hits that were worth looking at

Is it the cost of building the mobile van, is it the cost of operating, is it the problem of finding the team of doctors, the medical staff, the volunteers? Well these are some of the questions that i would like to seek answers to in the next couple of months and hopefully pretty soon the google search could return one more hit.



3 thoughts on “Health on Wheels !

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  1. Why aren’t there may mobile medical services? That’s a good question. I think the issue is about making the medical services accessible and cheaper. Mobile clinics would be helpful for general health issues and for few epidemics like chikungunya where the doctors treat the patents examining the patents and knowing the symptoms. And of course for all the issues that need laboratory services they should be located at specific location. This way the basic health care would be accessible to the poor people and the other services can can be made cheaper.

    Keep the discussion alive… we need a Walmart of health services in India…

  2. Suresh, you raise important and urgent questions. plan (at dreaming stage) is to design a micro financed system that serves to provide modest income to operators and para medical staff (at nurses aid level) or primary care “champions” and midwives for prenatal care and serve as a network of ambulance services to remote and rural populations. One model that is worth emulating is the motrocycle brigade (with a trailer) being used in Africa successfully to reach needy patients in 20 to 30 mile radius. These can serve as supplementary support services to more permanent medical centers and semi-permanent medical delivery systems like the mobile vans.

    An example of the motor cycles success is at this link:

  3. I think its more of selfishness and politics because of which the health on wheels is not happening.

    I think in the list of minimum things needed i think one more thing needs to be added

    1) will need a strong team or teams of legal and political background who will make sure that teams involved in implementing these projects do not face obstacles from local leaders or people or politicians.(Like a honest project manager who protects his team, this team has to be protected for them to work successfully)

    This is because each village or town has a set of screwed up so called gentlemen or pedda manusulu who do not want people to get education and proper health care.Because once they get good education and health care people will become independent and will not listen to what they say.

    So what these people do is make sure that these kinds of projects are not successful.So they will spread all kinds of lies and false things in people.They will try to create all kinds of legal and political obstacles.

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