The Kargil War

What started out as a research project into captain Saurabh Kalia’s death as a POW, has now taken a  shape of a huge movement.  The ongoing reasearch was a big learning experience for all of us and many facts, incidents, beliefs were uncovered. Thanks to karthik, one of our M.A.D team members, here are all the related resources.

  2. The Bungle in Kargil
  3. Protect the dignity of our soldiers
  4. Scapegoat for the system
  5. Resolving the kargil conundrum
  6. Still Searching for the system
  7. The missing War Diary
  8. Lt Saurabh Kalia My Buddy
  9. Kargil Committe Report
  10. Death Ends Fun
  11. Kargil War Preliminary Explorations
  12. Timelines for kargil
  13. The Real Story behind LOC-Kargil
  14. RTI Link for Indian Army
  15. All About POW’s
  16. The questions, they will not die
  17. BSF men’s deaths won’t be taken lightly.
  18. Disturbed Border

Suicides among Indian Soldiers

  1. Another Indian Soldier commits suicide.
  2. As Indian Army gets new chief, another soldier commits suicide.
  3. More Indian Soldiers commit suicide than die in war.
  4. Indian Army’s biggest enemy – Stress
  5. High Stress levels of soldiers

3 thoughts on “The Kargil War

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  1. Hats off to you for the valuable effort, which provides defence to the defenceless defence personnel. Suicides of soldiers is a great concern certainly. But when will the Indian Army focus on this grave issue? Certainly the low level soldiers are in more stress. I am also an ex Indian army soldier. Whatever the media reveals the dirt of the defence is certainly true to its root.

  2. it is actually painful for me that we couldn’t take this research forward. May be it is always good to get a bunch of people passionate about a cause and motivate them to work on it. Life becomes so busy that we didn’t get time to sleep, to talk with family members, at time I wonder, what is that am living for!!

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