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It really took a long time to come up with a logo that got a thumbs up from all the M.A.D members. While it’s still in the final stages of approval ūüôā , an interesting question was raised. Should the logo have colors of the Indian national flag? The argument is that we as a group are determined to help humanity not just humans that belong to a particular race, caste, creed or for that matter a country.

The argument is very valid and very apt especially in this day and age, where the life of a human being is of no real significance. People get killed simply because they belong to a minority group ; people get away with hedious crimes because they are rich; people are forced to beg because they are born into poor families.

It has become a daily struggle for survival for billions of people around the globe. 

How do I help ? What can I do ? are the questions that come to my mind. The fact of the matter is that it is not enough if only I and you are willing to help. Each one of us should contribute in whatever way we can.

How can we bring so many people together, how can we unite so many people to fight for one cause, what would motivate the people to come forward and take up the responsibility.

Can humanity alone can make this happen ?

If it were, then the world would have been a much better place to live , not just to survive.

¬†What else can be big and can be the single most unifying factor; A COUNTRY’s PRIDE. The feeling of belonging to one nation. It is a relatively easier task to motivate and encourage people to do something for their motherland.

It is easier because, people can relate to the situations, the people and their struggle.

So the use¬†of tri colors of¬†Indian national flag is not a derogatory gesture ,¬†rather it’s a very powerful tool to evoke the sense of national pride and ¬†their by bringing them together in fighting for a just cause.¬†¬†The cause could be anything from helping a poor kid in Africa to helping a farmer in India, help knows no boundaries.


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  1. How can a group which needs to evoke nationalism to incite its members can be associated with the suffering of other nations of the world?. Any aid provided with such a thought is usually confined to ones national boundaries because your inspiration is regional and internal. Your views doesn’t look sensible and moreover it seems that you came to a conclusion at first and then started to reason it.

    By the way, poor people don’t beg and most beggars are not poor at least in India. In our country, not just minority but also majority too are killed because of their religion. Would you deny it?. why being selective?. If you guys think that national flag colors should be used in your logo then its entirely up to your group to decide and if you choose to explain your reasons to others then be logical instead of depending on lofty rhetoric and being selective with your comments.

    Anyways, this minor criticism aside i wish you good luck and wish to meet your members when i come to Hyderabad.

  2. thanks for your comments Amit.

    The blog was actually a continuation of our discussion on our yahoogroups. The email chains were getting pretty long and honestly i was expecting our own members to comment on this :-).

    Anycase, you can visit us and we have members in US as well, infact i’m one of them.


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