Quit Mumbai .. andolan

More than half a century ago, the entire country united in what later went on to become the greatest non-violent moment in the history of mankind. It was the “Quit India” movement. The British had to succumb to the pressure and eventually had to Quit India.

Turn the clocks, fast forward to the present, a different kind of movement is taking place. The “Quit Maharashtra” movement. Mind you , there is no outsider here, nor there is an alien. It’s our own people, the Indian people from a different state. It is these people who are forced to leave Maharashtra, for the simple reason, that they were not born in Maharashtra.

Mumbai is often compared to NewYork, because of it’s vibrant crowd , it’s energy, it’s liveliness. Not any more. Mumbai is being feared now. People who migrated years ago in search of livelihood, had to abandon everything and return to their native states.

What changed ?  The local Maharastrians and the migrant population co-existed for so many decades. What changed ?

Nothing ! It’s just election times. The politicians are playing the dirty tricks of politics. What is even more worse is that the Media is playing into the hands of these politicians. The media weaves the news around such politicians, make them the center of all debates and their by bringing all the publicity, which is exactly what the politicians are looking for. As they say, in politics , publicity is always good, be it good or bad !

I don’t have anything to say to the politicians, but yes, the Media should be more responsible. I’m especially disappointed the way NDTV has handled this.


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