A letter to NDTV

Dear NDTV,

 I’m not sure if anyone will read this email. But I’m just being optimistic and hope that you read this and pay some attention.

 I was watching your news coverage of the recent delhi bomb blasts and in one word, what i saw was despicable.

 This was not what i was expecting from NDTV.

 Here is a recap of your coverage .

Blood stained injured people were shown lying on the ground.

Don’t you as responsible citizens feel the need to first help them and then worry about covering the news ?

You took credit for being the first to arrive at the scene.

Have you ever thought you could damage the evidence at the scene ?

You started blaming the government for not helping the victims and not doing anything to prevent the bombings.

Do you realize that you are putting the government, the police under unessary pressure and adding more chaos to the already chaotic situation ?

You showed the interviews of injured people and their familes again and again.

Do you realize by doing so , you are not only terrorizing the people in Delhi , but forcing everybody else to believe that India is not safe any more. Don’t you think you are playing into the hands of terrorists. This is exactly what they want and you are carrying their message forward.

I could go on with this list, but this is enough to make you realize.

NDTV, you have to be more responsible and help calm the situation , but not add more chaos to it. Help the people, the police and the government.

India is already at war with the terrorists, it cannot afford to fight an other war with MEDIA.


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