The Weekend Cricket !

We are Mavericks ! No, that’s just the name of our cricket team, but i guess it wraps up who we are and how we play :-). 

So let me know introduce the Mavericks

Praveen: The captain and our next Ganguly.

Deepu: The manager & the on field Greg Chappel.

Ajay: The keeper and our Sreesanth, the angry young man.

Ajay: The pace bowler , who lost some pace this season and our Munaf Patel.

Ajay: The fielder, with an almost artifical knee.

Vijay: The only left handed bats man in the team, who looks all set to score a half century until he gets out playing a stupid paddle sweep shot.

Srikanth: Our official scorer. He loves scoring ( on paper ) so much that he gets out as soon as he walks in to bat.

Parag: The lazy guy who can take the hardest catch but is just lazy to complete the catch and drops it … could be our next Dhoni.

Harsha: The hidden talent , our Agarkar.

Karthik: The idea player.

Suri: The blogger.  

It was a 3 month season, that came to an abrupt ending, as we failed to qualify to the quarter finals. If we leave out how we played, the reasons for the loss etc……..what really hurt us was that there won’t be any cricket until the next summer 2009. So it took a while to digest this, but hey, sh** happens…….. go to move on.

So what’s so facinating about the cricket, about the weekend cricket, about the cricket that lasts just a couple of hours. It’s not just the game, it’s the memories that the game evokes, the enthusiasm the game brings, the team spirit and most importantly makes us believe that we are still young :-). Oh and i almost forgot , also the pre and post game discussions. Ofcourse, the discussions are less about the game and more about current affairs, politics, Lehman brothers.

We did pretty well on the field though, a 8 games winning streak is a testimony to that. Anyways, looking forward to the weekend cricket, summer 2009.


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  1. Sounds like you guys are a great team. Not too worry about missing out on the finals, it’s all about having a great time. You guys are the true cricketers, out there doing it for the fun of it and being disappointed when you realise you have to go without cricket for a period of time. Congrats!

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