My vision for children

We, CRY America, are running a campaign called “My vision for children”. This is to create awareness about the reality of the situation our children are facing today and encourage people to think, act and participate in helping change the situation.

This actually made me think how my childhood was ?

I never had to worry about what i would eat for lunch or dinner; never had to worry about paying my school fees; never had to worry about sacrificing my studies; never had to worry about comprise my playtime for something else; never had to worry about who would take care of me.

Ok, may be that’s not true, i did worry about my exams and i did worry about getting caught watching cricket late in the night.

So all in all it was a worry free and a playfull childhood. But that was just my childhood and may be yours too. But there are some hundreds and thousands of millions of children  for whom childhood is everything  but worryfree.

My vision for of the less fortunate children is to have a childhood just like i did.

How about you ? You do remember your childhood, don’t you. So you and i know both know what it takes to give these children the childhood they deserve, then why don’t we fight for this together. Because if we don’t then who else will ?


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