In the wake of disaster

Resilience; bounce back; resurgent; courageous & brave; These are typically the words, phrases associated with the victims & the people in general.

Blame the politicians; blame the government; blame the infrastructure is usually the medias response. I”m saying only the media because they pretend to be the voice of the people, but in reality, that’s just the way of increasing the viewership.

Anyways, this is what i want to do. I’m not sure whether this is feasible, but i think with the help of my friends & family, i want to carry this out. This is step 1 of disaster management.

To begin with, we need to ensure all the prominent public places have enough security; safety measures to protect all the people visiting or staying in those places. Since i am from Hyderabad i would like begin this with Hyderabad.

  1. Make a list of all the prominent places.
  2. Visit them and check the security; safety; screening and other aspects to protect the people. I know we don’t have the authority to do so, but we have to liaison with people who have or somehow manage to do so, as it’s really important.
  3. Mark the places that don’t have enough security measures and let the authorities know and have them do something about it.
  4. Also more importantly we need to make a list of what needs to be part of the security & safety of such places.
  5. Educate the people on how to look and report for suspicious activities.

Once the prominent places are over, we shall do a similar excerice with other places where there is a lot of public activity.

This may turn out to be an expensive affair after all, but safety doesn’t seem to come at a lesser cost.

Here is an updated action list.

1) Make a list of the prominent places in Hyderabad ( I’m from Hyderabad ) and go over their security and safety measures and report them to the concerned authorities.
2) Black list those places that don’t meet the safety & security standards. Force them to shut down until they become eligible to operate.
3) Establish a Disaster management system that is capable of handling both Natural & Man made disasters such as terrorism, communal riots etc, ofcourse with the help of government authorities. I’ve been living in the US for over 7 years, so i know for sure, there are plenty of funds, should a sound plan of implementation exists. So I’m very confident of having a system up and running in a year’s time.
4) Make a representation to the chief minister to discuss how the AP Chief Minister is doing to prevent further such attacks or mitigate the effects in case such events do happen and come up with a proper timeline as to when they will be delivered and hold them accountable to the promises.
5) Meet the prominent Media channels & come up with a protocol to define the boundaries & limits with in which they can excerise their right to journalism and at the same time not cross the line. The recent 24X7 coverage proved that each media channel was competing with other and were going over board on how they can attract more viewership. for ex: There were some media channels that made direct contact with the terrorists. The journalists are no way qualified to play the role of a negotiator and are jeopardizing the lives of hundreds who were held hostage. Try and ensure that Media is also regulated.
6) Educating the common man about reporting suspicious activities such as sharing emergency contact numbers through public hoardings; such as to be wary of the surroundings , such as somebody leaving an unattended vehichle. Also on how to do moral policing .
7) Establish a platform to allow frequent dialogue with the ministers in charge to address the grievances and also to act as a kind of status check.

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