Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan !

Aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan
Zara hat ke zara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan

The song was from the movie CID, 1956. This probably sums the whole situation of what now has become Mumbai.

I had the privelege of visiting Bombay 3 times during 1998-1999 and have very vivid images of the Shivaji Terminal, Church Gate, Shivaji Park, The Taj, Oberoi ,the pav bhaji and the people ofcourse.

The Thackrey’s , the communal riots, the outsider and insider fights, the bomb blasts have all changed Bombay to Mumbai, an unknown city which constantly lives under the fear of terror.

The images of Mumbai or Bombay, i would still want to remember Mumbai as Bombay, over the past 3 days, would haunt me and I’m sure haunt every other human being for the rest of their lives. I still can’t believe this was all happening to Bombay, at times, i think this was all some movie scenes, but when i see the dead bodies being carried out of the building; when i hear the victims painful voices; when i see the blood stains on the floor, i’m forced to think this is all real and it’s happening.

Terrorism is part of life, just like we are prepared for earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters, we ought to be prepared for these in-human and barbaric disasters also. We need to accept this harsh reality of life; we need better crisis management systems; we need better disaster management systems and more importantly every person needs to be educated. Just like a child is taught to be wary of the oncoming traffic while crossing the road, he/she needs to be educated on how to be wary of the surroundings and how to report on anything suspicious.

Yeah Hai Duniya Meri Jaan !


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