From Salaam Bombay to Slumdog Millionaire

Salam Bombay in 1988 and Slumdog Millionaire in 2008.  Bombay has grown in leaps and bounds in these 2 decades but nothing much has changed for the slums in Bombay.  One may argue that they are just films, but the real life in this case is no different from the reel life.

The only difference in these two movies is the ending of the movies, Slumdog had a happy handing.

For the kids in the slums, everyday is a struggle and everyday is a fight.  A struggle for the livelihood; a struggle for their survival; a fight against harrasment; a fight against exploitation; nothing has changed.

Will it ever change.. how many decades do we still need ?  I wish just like Slumdog and Salaam bombay received widespread attention and appreciation for it’s depiction of the life in the slums, the people of the slums also receive a similar attention.


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