Very unlike India

Growing up as a kid, i remember being taught in the history classes  about how Indian Culture was the most tolerant.  No where in the world did so many religions, so many cultures, so many languages co-existed.

But all that seems to be be history now, only to be taught in the school, but not to be experienced anymore.

The attack on christians in Orissa, Mangalore ; the attack on North Indians in Maharashtra; the attack on girls in  the pubs in Mangalore; the Hindus attacking the Muslims and the Muslims attacking the Hindus. In essence, India was attacked in it’s core beliefs and values. 

What has changed ? What is so different now ? Why have the people become so intolerant now ? Why can’t we just live as people respecting each other’s freedom ? What do we tell our children ? How do we explain all this to them ?

 Imagine if our children grow up in such a toxic environment, the kind of impact it will have when they take over the mantle of taking the country forward.


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