Is it Real or Reel ?

That’s what i often wonder , when i see the stream of movie actors joining political parties every other day!

Is this really happening in Andhra Pradesh ? Or is it part of some A.M.Ratnam’s movie, who by the way is well known for his penchant for larger than life cinema.

There is no problem with individuals ( movie actors ) joining political parties. They like any other individual are more than welcome to express their opinion and their support. The problem is with the kind of verbal abuse they are indulging in; the kind of hatred they are spreading in the state; the kind of intolerance they have developed against each other. 

This is just bad influence on the people of the state and more importantly on the children of the state. What respect would they have for the political system, the government and our leaders ? Although, i’m not so sure, the politicians in general have any respect today.

Sometimes i just can’t believe they are indulging in such things in broad day light infront of the media and that too in the Real World. I wish they went back to the Reel world .


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