Life comes a full circle

My grandmother would wake up early in the morning as soon as the milkman rings the door bell and only go to bed in the night after she has watched all her favorite tv serials.  She would do all the cooking, help in all the daily chores and go to her village once in 3 months all by herself.  This was her life for almost She would also go on the occasional long trips to religious places,  infact she visited almost all temples, shrines, mosques in the country.

It’s just hard to believe she has taken ill, so ill she could hardly do anything on her own.  She is completely bed ridden. And what’s worse is the doctor’s don’t have a clue about her illness.  She cannot recognize people; cannot walk on her own; cannot eat or drink anything and cannot even talk.  

She is suffering a lot and is in great pain. She is not able to come to terms with her illness and more importantly her age. For someone who until recently was so active and so independent to become the totally opposite with in a couple of months is hard to accept.

She has to be treated like a new born baby now , quite literally.  Life seems to have come a full circle.

I just hope she starts to walk , eat and enjoy her life just like the baby learns to walk,e at and smile and enjoy her every moment.


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  1. Giving your grandmother unconditional love, speaking and treating her just like she fully understands you and keeping her comfortable will help her be at peace with herself. She is blessed to have had such a full life and also to have a wonderful grandson. Wish her the best in regaining her health.

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