Chak De India !

In 2005, the Indian Women’s cricket team reached the finals of the Women’s world cup.  There was no mention of women’s cricket before that and one would have thought after their success in the 2005 world cup, they would get the attention and respect they deserved. But that didn’t happen. Lack of sponsorships; lack of infrastructure continue to discourage the women’s cricket, but what is more bothering is the fact that there is very little or sometimes no media coverage.

The 2009 world cup, which is currently in progress, the Indian’s are doing very good.  But the news channels (NDTV, STAR NEWS ) are busy following the men’s cricket team on their site seeing trips in New Zealand and hardly mention anything about the games, about the players. 

As far as the India women’s cricket is concerned, i happened to watch a couple of games during this world cup, they are playing extermely well. They bat well, bowl well, ofcourse the fielding needs to be improved a little bit, but what is more heartening is the fact that there are quite a few players in their late teen’s or early 20’s. Despite any major suppor, lot of youngsters are taking up cricket as a profession.

These are good signs not only for the women’s cricket , but also for the women in general. Chak De India !


2 thoughts on “Chak De India !

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  1. Agreed. It may not seem glamorous or fancy to follow womens cricket (by the regular & male sport predilection of the general society), its still a pity that journalists fall prey to such pits.. I guess economies dont make sense, however some one takes a stand and does more coverage (corporates), then we could see a turn around..

  2. The media needs to own up responsibility towards women cricket. The women cricketers are not being given their due credit and its time their performances get recognised by the media.

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