National Election Watch AP

The Natiaonal Election Watch AP releases the list of MLA’s and MP’s.  A number of organizations, individuals, groups had been working relentlessly to bring this information out and share with the common man. 

An analysis of the data creates a picture as below.

10 out of 60 MPs face criminal charges, ie, 17% of all MPs
60 out of 294 MLAs face criminal charges, ie, 20% of all MLAs

These MPs and MLAs are from across all political parties

  • The criminal charges include serious crimes including
    murder, attempt to murder, rioting. Poll violation related offences
    are analysed separately.
  • This data covers only sitting MPs and MLAs only. Those
    who lost elections are not covered. There are criminal cases also
    against the kith and kin of MPs and MLAs.

  Read below for more details and thanks Rakesh for forwarding the same to me.


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  1. One important point to remember is willful and false accusations and filing of criminal charges – politically motivated and out of sheer malice to screw people up and halt their political progress. Filing charges is a standard practice in India when you want to tie someone up in litigation for years and we all vulnerable in that regard.

    Normal people like us dont come across these events, but as soon as you “come into the public eye”, this is one of the first things that happens.

    Secondly, how is LokSatta doing. Their platform is to fight against corruption and I hope they succeed. The impression that I got locally in my village is that loksatta will get less than a 1000 votes out of 1.7 lakh voters. They are being pooh poohed.

    I blame the people – the uneducated, semi educated and illiterate masses for their callousness, selfishness, lack of discipline, inclination for instant gratification, their abuse of women and recent trend in glorifying “alcohol” as an entitlement for hard physical work or financial success (when they make more than Rs. 200 a day). Only when the grassroots organize and have the discipline to educate themselves, we will come out of this mess. Sorry for the bleak view of the rural masses.

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