Youth & Politics

Youth & Cricket; Youth & Discotheque’s ; Youth & Professionals; Youth & Enterprenuers; Youth & Politics…. NO NO NEVER.  Youth & Politics were never mentioned in the same sentence and even if someone did, it would be about how the youth hated the politics , the  politicians and the entire political system. 

Back in the days of our freedom struggle, every citizen from youngsters to adults ; be it men or women , took great pride and honour in fighting for our independence.  The entire country was united in their fight and so when India won it’s freedom, the entire rejoiced and celebrated. We went on to elect our first ever parliament and were really proud of the establishment of the single largest democracy in the world.

One would imagine the struggle for freedom would have taught the next generation of leaders and the next generation of citizens a lesson or two about our democracy and our responsibility towards it.  But i think we fell for the age old trap of taking things for granted.  We took democracy for granted and forgot our responsibility and so did our “Leaders“. 

Years went by; governments came and went by; new political parties were formed; None of them focussed on the real issues such as economy, agrilcutlure, equal opportuntites for all and so even after 60 years of independence, we are still fighting for basic rights such as

  • Right to education.
  • Right to health care.
  • Right to a better livelihood.
  • Right to equal opportunities.

So if we are fighting for our basic rights and basic needs even after 60 years, then there is something wrong. Something is very very wrong. If we don’t rise now, don’t do something now, then our kids, the next generation will have to face far more serious consequences.  The responsibility to run the country is not just in the hands of the leaders whom we elect, but also upon us to ensure the leaders to do their job . Each one of us need to take active participation in matters that are important to both citizens and the country.

Youth and Politics , that’s the new mantra. Unless we be in the system ( directly or indirectly ) , we cannot expect a change and we should not. expect a change.

Good news is , that the word “Politics” is not taboo any more, it’s become the new buzz word. Young people are contesting elections , have joined political parties as volunteers, professionals are taking up politics as their new profession. Politics has now become the hot topic everywhere, not just the media alone.

Looks like we are riding the wave of  a “Second Revolution”……….. Way To Go India !


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  1. Dear Sir,

    I had written a mail to you a couple of weeks back seeking funding for Sphoorti.

    I would like to know your views on it and if there are any updates on it.


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