Congress Manifesto 2009

Before we vote, we need to ask ourselves some basic questions ..

What did the party ( leaders ) accomplish ? What do they promise to do if voted to power ? and more importantly how do they plan to deliver what they promise ?  

So i started out by comparing the manifesto’s.  Since the manifesto’s were only released a few days ago ( i find that very suprising ) , i plan to finish the comparison of atleast a few major parties manifesto’s in the next couple of days. 

I began with the Congress manifesto and below is a point by point summary of the manifesto.

Source: Congress Manifesto – 2009

Number of pages: 33

Aam admi ke badhte kadam
Har kadam par Bharat Buland

1. We will guarantee the maximum possible security to each and every citizen:
2. We will ensure the highest level of defence preparedness and also take further steps for the welfare of the defence forces and their
3. We will accelerate the process of police reforms
4. We will build on the success of the NREGA and take the scheme forward
5. Along the lines of NREGA, we will enact a National Food Security Act
6. The Indian National Congress pledges that every family living below the poverty line either in rural or urban areas will
be entitled, by law, to 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg
7. We will guarantee health security for all
8. We will ensure comprehensive social security to those at special risk:The Indian National Congress will ensure a comprehensive cover of social
9. Security to all persons who are at special risk including (i) single-woman headed households; (ii) disabled and the elderly; (iii) urban homeless; (iv) released bonded workers; (v) members of primitive tribal groups; and (vi) members of designated “most backward” dalit communities.

10. We will be make quality education affordable to everyone:
a. All students admitted to any recognized course in any recognized college/university will be provided, on a need basis, either a scholarship or an educational loan without collateral repayable over a very long period.

b. Setup of one model school in every block of the country. Every year, over the next five years, we will add one
more model school in every block.

c. focus more sharply on outcomes and achievement levels in education and not just on enrolment. It also pledges a major programme for training of teachers and improving the physical environment in schools.

11. We will implement a nation-wide skill development programme
12. We will expand schemes for improving well-being of farmers and their families
13. We will democratize and professionalize the functioning of cooperatives
14. We will give even greater impetus to the empowerment of weaker sections of society.
15. We will combat communalism of all kinds and caste atrocities with determination
16. We will bring a sharp focus on the special needs of children, especially the girl child
17. We will make elected panchayat institutions financially strong
18. We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time
19. We will give special focus to the small entrepreneur and to small and medium enterprises
20. We will maintain the path of high growth with fiscal prudence and low inflation
21. We will introduce the goods and services tax from April 1, 2010.
22. We will give a completely new look to urban governance
23.  We will offer a new deal to our youth to participate in governance
24. We will protect India’s natural environment and take steps to rejuvenate it
25. We will carry out a massive renewal of our extensive science and technology infrastructure
26. We will pursue judicial reforms to cut delays in courts
27. We will continue to be sensitive to regional aspirations
28· We will ensure energy security for our country
29· We will take further steps to preserve and promote our heritage
30· We will continue to pursue an independent, pro-India foreign policy
31· The Indian National Congress will intensify the involvement of overseas Indians in development

Accomplishments  ( 2004 – 2009 )

a) Restore Secular and Consitutional values in governance: Right To information act
b) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: Guarantee 100 days of legal employment to each rural household
seeking employment in public works programmes.
c) Bharat Nirman Program: Transform rural India by expanding and providing irrigation
d) Aid to Farmers: 

1. Waive loans to the tune of 65,000 crores
2. Extend irrigation facilities
 3.Increase the MSP and procurement prices

e)National Rural Health Mission: Improve the quality and accessibility of primary health care in villages
f) Empower the weaker sections of society by
 1.Give scheduled tribes and traditional forest dwellers rights over land they cultivate in lands.
 2.Providing reservations for OBC students in all professional institutions.
 3.pass a new law to protect women from domestic violence
 4.Give woman equal rights to inherit property
 5.Enhance the scholarship for sc’s and st’s, minorities and OBC’s.
g) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan
 1.Mid day meal scheme
 2.Increased the number of colleges, universities and institues of technology, management .
h) Aam admi bima yojana : Life insurance cover for one and a half crore households
i) Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna: Medical Insurance Cover for 6 crore unorganized sector workers
living below the poverty line.
j) Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme: for elder citizens over 65 years of age and living
below the poverty line.
k) It has initiated the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) with an outlay of Rs.1 lakh crore in 63 cities for
upgrading infrastructure and for providing basic services to the urban poor. 
l) It has ensured that all States in the country received financial resources from the Centre for development schemes and programmes
at a scale never known before.
m) It has earned for India a new respect and stature internationally. Civil nuclear agreements have been entered into with many countries
entirely on our terms.
n) new National Investigation Agency has been established

Stay tuned for more……..


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