Compare Manifesto’s – Health Care

Congress Manifesto:
BJP Manifesto:
Lok Satta Manifesto


The National Rural Health Mission has already begun to make a noticeable impact and will be implemented
with an even greater sense of urgency. The Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) introduced by the Congress-led UPA Government offers health insurance for poor families. Expenditure on health is a
major cause of indebtedness, particularly in rural areas. The Indian National Congress pledges that every family living below the poverty line will be covered by the RSBY over the next three years. Every district headquarters hospital will be upgraded to provide quality heath facilities to all.

1. Set up a National Regulatory Authority for private hospitals, nursing homes and special
care facilities to ensure quality services, affordable fees and prevent/punish malpractice.

2. Ongoing work on setting up six additional All-India Institutes of Medical Sciences in various parts of the country, which were proposed by the NDA Government but not acted upon by the UPA, will be expedited. Similar institutions will be set up in other
places to broad-base access to specialised medical care.

3. Incentives and disincentives will be introduced for State Governments to improve the quality of primary health care, maternal health care, and child health care.

4. Targets will be set for achieving significant reduction in maternal and infant mortality
by improving the Janani Suraksha Yojana. The successful initiative of the BJP Government
in Gujarat in this regard will be used as a model.

5. Preventive health care by way of inoculation against diseases and dissemination of
information will receive focussed attention.

6. A national programme will be launched to vaccinate adults and children against all
forms of hepatitis.

7. Substantial investment will be made in promoting Ayurved as an alternative therapy.
Full support will be extended to the promotion of Unani system of medicine and
homoeopathy. The promotion of Yoga will receive all Government assistance.

8. Clean drinking water is one of the best barriers against common but often fatal diseases.
The BJP proposes to make access to clean drinking water a fundamental right for all

Lok Satta

Quality Health Services
1) All Primary Health Centers will work round the clock.
2) They will be equipped to deal with deliveries and other emergencies
3) 30 – 100 bedhospital for every of 75,000 people
4) MMR vaccines to all infants to protect from these diseases.
5)Every district will have a super specialty hospital. In order to access quality health services, patients will no longer have to travel outside the district.

Free and Universal Health Care to All (Aarogyaraksha)
1)A patient can go to any government hospital or accredited private hospital of his/her choice and get free treatment and Lok Satta government guarantees a Health Card for this purpose.
2) All expenses for diagnosis, inpatient care, operations and medicines for inpatients will be borne by the Lok Satta government
3) Everyone can access high quality health care for wide range of illnesses such as malaria, heart diseases, maternal care, typhoid, stomach pains and so on.
4) Public –Private Partnership in Health Services (Ubhayatarakam)
5) Along with government hospitals free health care facilities can be availed at small private hospitals and clinics
6) Standardization of costs and protocols for patient care. Hospital will be reimbursed the costs of care every month based on the patients handled and
standard costs
7) Patients will be free to visit the hospitals and doctors of their choice, and the money will follow the patients to the best doctors and hospitals.
8) Private doctors can use the facilities of government hospitals.


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  1. IMHO, the Loksattas plan is most fraught with hidden dangers because of govt taking on full responsibility. They should have some co-pay arrangement. The danger I am talking about is that they will become tools of the powerful Pharmaceutical companies who will promise to “donate” to these govt hospitals and influence the “protocols”.

    If we are sophisticated and vigilant, then Loksattas plan is the most far reaching and progressive one. It is a great idea to let private doctors be affiliated with the hospitals.

    For example, today, in Vizag, I would go to the KGH govt hospital (free) over the apollo hospital (Rs 20,000 a day). The quality of the doctors is quite high and you can pay for special rooms and facilities.

    What is absolutely bad in healthcare is expecting private insurance companies to pay for proper care. Every Rupee that the insurance company does not pay, it is one more rupee of profit for them. So it is crazy for them to be expected to do the right thing.

    These are my two cents on these matters.

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