So what next , after the elections ?

The second phase of the elections have just finished. The verdict will be out in a few weeks from now.  Although i couldn’t vote ( as I’m not currently in India ) , i’ve been closely following the elections ( not the politicians ), the manifesto’s , the independent candidates, the optimism among the youth and the anger among the Indians, which is evident from the boycotting of the elections in some constituencies all over the country.

So what happens after the elections ? There is not an iota of doubt that it will be a coalation government at the center , a multi party government. How will the ruling party then fulfill it’s promises made in the manifesto’s. How can we make sure they fulfill their promises ? How can we make them responsible and answerable to the people ? We don’t want to wait for the next elections to vote for/against a party. If anything it needs to be done while the ruling party is in power.

Honestly i don’t have a thorough answer for this, but i will be looking for them over the next couple of weeks. There are definetly a few things that can be done to begin with

  1. RTI: To use RTI effectively to seek information on matters related to the public welfare and its benefits.
  2. Know your who’s and what’s : We need to get familiarized with how the government bodies work, who the responsible people are, whom to approach, how to approach , what are the procedures involved etc etc ?
  3. A progress report: Come up with a progress report card to track the people in charge of our constituencies and confront them incase of a failure and appreciate incase of a progress.
  4. what else ?

I know the above seems to be a lot of work that may involve time and effort and sometimes even money. But we need to do it , for our own sake for our children’s sake , for our community’s sake and for our country’s sake.

we cannot affor another 5 years to simply pass by …….


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