Bhopal Gas Victims

Bhopal and Victims are often mentioned in the same sentence.  One tragic night changed the face of Bhopal and it’s people forever. So much so that even after 25 years of the disaster , people still continue to suffer, continue to struggle and continue to fight.

The tragedy and the generations of people affected by the disaster reminds us that there is a strong divide between the powerful rich and the helpless poor; that the judiciary is for sale; that no one cares for the poor except for the poor and a few good people.

It’s been more than 25 years since the disaster struck, but the memories of it are still very fresh. Because nothing has been to erase the memories.

  1.  The disaster site hasn’t been cleaned up with tons of harmful chemicals still lying around
  2. The ground water hasn’t been cleaned/purified.
  3. The new generation of kids are born with respiratory diseases, with physical disorders.
  4. The affected people, their familes, their kids have not been compensated for their loss.

So nothing has changed, the memories are still fresh. The victims are the ones who have led the fight, continued the fight and are still fighting against one of the biggest corporate giants and also one of the biggest corrupt. From the next generation kids of the victims to the most elderly victims, everybody is part of the long struggle.

With the help of a few select groups/individuals/organizations , the victims have managed to take the struggle forward and together were able to get some of their demands mets. But it took 20 years. 

20 Years is a very very long time to have spent fighting for the mere survival. Hope the campaign run by the victims creates more awareness about the situation and bring the attention of the government of India, the Dow chemical company.

As for me, I’m playing my role in the campaing, hope you can join too !

visit for more information regarding the campaign and how to get involved.


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  1. Got a call from a lady who is from student for bhopal campiagn .I think she was calling all the folks who signed the petition and explained what they were doing.I had the good fortune to meet Rachna in one of the AID conference before she bacame a saathi.Amazing levels of decication for the people behind this movement-
    Satinath Sarangi,Rashida Bi ,champa devi, rachna

  2. That’s correct Chakradhar ! Even i met Rachna Dhingra and two of the next generation bhopal gas victims at the recent AID conference, North Carolina and it’s indeed was a great experience just to see them in person and hear them talk about the 20 long year struggle.

    I hope more and more people join the struggle. it’s high time everybody heard their voice and see to it they get their dues.

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