When technology meets humanity !

I intend to write about an organization/group/individual on a regular basis whom i’ve either interacted with or learnt about, who through their extraordinary work have helped others to live a better sustainable life.

It was purely an accident that i stumbled upon Akshaya Patra ( the rice bowl ) , an organization who started out with feeding a few thousand government school kids have now the reach to feed 100’s of thousands of school kids. It’s not just any food,  it’s a nutritious food, the kind of food a mother would want to feed her child.  Once the child is fed, he/she feels more at ease as they don’t have to go places to find the next meal for the day and are more willing to accept the education system as part of their life.

What is also very interesting about this is that it’s a Public Private Patnership in the Mid Day Meal sector, a government run program. This also goes to show that, the policies/programs proposed by the government are very good , the problem with them is the implementation. So instead of re-inventing the wheel and trying to find a new/alternative solution to an existing problem, if we can ensure or help these programs are implemented effectively, the results can be dramatic. This is proven by Akshay Patra.

Ofcourse, a major contributor to Akshaya Patra’s success is the usage of technology. From cleaning utensils to cooking rice to making chapaati’s to packaging to transporting , there is a heavy usage of technology. While they still need lot of volunteer (paid staff ) support to run the program, technology makes it easily scalable and more reachable and sometimes more affordable.

Take a look at their kitchen operations, the video tells the entire story and is convincing enough to prove that technology if used effectively can play a major role even in Not for Profit efforts.


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