Birds Of Same Feathers !

Birds of same feathers flock together. Well if this is true for the birds, this can also be true for the different groups/organizations working for a common cause i.e. to help those who need help.  There is a large population of groups/organizations/individuals out there working relentlessly towards their respective goals and missions. While they strive for success in their efforts, there are many hardships that come in the way. This could be financial, time, people and many other such similar constraints that restrict an individual/group/organization to be fully effective and successful in their efforts and also in some cases limit their reach.

But what if such similar organizations work together, share resources, share their efforts, share their expertise, learn from each other, gain from each other, communicate with each other, coordinate with each other.

This was the concept behind Birds Of Same Feathers. The concept soon turned into a reality and now there are close to 50 birds in this group. Oh by birds I mean members. All the members are addressed as birds.

The birds certainly liked the idea of working together and so when the idea was proposed they agreed to fly together. BOSF has now it’s reach in Chennai and Bangalore. While BOSF is still in it’s early stages and there is still a long way to go, with some guideliness and simple rules of communication in the group, the coordination  efforts have begun.  Again the key here was that all the birds had a liking to this concept, so guideliness was only for any new birds to join the flock.

So once all the birds new what roles they are going to play, how they would fit into the group,  it was just a matter of time before they jumped into action. While BOSF is still in it’s early stages there has been some significant progress made already.

Another interesting way BOSF is serving it’s members is by providing a platform for everybody to broadcasting their efforts, soliciting help for their efforts and also keep each other well informed. Communication, coordination, discussions and debates are the key elements for any such activities and BOSF offers itself as a perfect platform for that. Although at times, there is too much of that resulting in a somewhat chaotic situation, but then the birds are mature enough to deal with it. 

Thus far, BOSF has started it’s work in the fields of Education and Environment. As part of the education groups, they have started ( or in the process of starting )

  • Employable skills training program.
  • Sponsoring Education
  • Adopting government schools.
  • Tutoring school kids.

That’s just to give an idea. Another interesting aspect of BOSF is the way important discussions and debates about important issues are carried out. One bird starts a discussion with a <tag> in the subject line of the email and other interested birds contribute to the discussions and debates.

Like everything else, there are also some short comings of BOSF.  But for now, it’s not so bad that it’s hurting BOSF.

To follow all the discussions:


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