What if farmers went on strike ?

Everybody is going on strike these days. It’s as if this is the “Season for Strikes“.

  • The IIT professors.
  • The IIM professors.
  • The JET airways pilots.
  • The Air India pilots.
  • The doctor’s.

When the professors go on strike, the students are affected; when the pilots go on strike, the airline commuters get affected; when the doctors go on strike, the patients are affected.  No pain no gain. In this case, the pain is inflicted by those going on the strike and they eventually gain from it.  Instead of negotiating directly with the concerned authorities, it seems it’s fashionable to talk to the media, giving live interviews, calling press conference to gain the much needed publicity and using that to exert pressure. The media, of course loves that. They give all the attention, all the air time and all the publicity.

But there is one section of the society, that despite their continued suffering, despite their continued misery, despite being neglected and isolated, have never let down the people who depend on them. I’m referring to the farmers, the most neglected section of the community.

Imagine what would happen, if the farmers went on strike. If the farmers refuse to work in the fields, if the refuse to bend their backs, imagine what the consequences will be. Ok, may be there won’t be any immediate effect, since the country may have some reserves, but pretty soon the reserves are going to be exhausted. Then what ??

And if you think the farmers won’t resort to strike, because it’s going to affect their livelihood, think again. The farmers wouldn’t mind risking their livelihoods , in fact their lives in the process, because they are already in a state where of affairs which is forcing them to take their own lives and commit suicides.

But the question still remains, would anyone pay attention. Would the media care, would the government care, would the people care ? I think we better. The country is not simply made of the Tendulkar’s, the Ambani’s, the Pilots, the doctors, the engineers, it also is made of the soldiers , the farmers , everybody must get their share of respect and dignity. No one is less important.

So think again, “What if farmers went on strike” ?.


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