The GHMC elections

GHMC elections are just around the corner or in other the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation  Elections. So for a total 150 divisions located in five zones and 17 circles, a record number of 2500 candidates are likely to compete.

So why are these elections important or why should I and you be interested in them.

I grew up in a Colony in Sainikpuri and lived there for almost 21 years.  Our colony happens to come under the Defence Colony Ward, which is under the Malkajgiri constituency.  Growing up as a kid, the colony was a save haven for all the kids and most definetly for all the parents as well. The colony boasted of a school that if you get admitted to you can go straight from kindergarden to post graduation. It had one of the greatest temples of the twin cities, the Kalibari temple, which was renound for it’s dusherra and diwali celebrations. It had large playgrounds; it was a bustling neighbhor hood. Still is.

However, there have been changes. Just like any other place in Hyderabad, my colony has also undergone tremendous change.  What used to be large vacant play grounds have been turned into huge apartment complexes.  From being a colony that relied on the borewell for it’s water, now has to rely on the manjeera water supply that is only twice a week. Ofcourse there have been other developments such as nice pucca roads, plenty of general stores, a regular bus line etc etc.

The basic problems of the area still remain. Water scarcity, supply of or lack of supply of electricity especially during the summer, the traffic, the rapid ( illegal ) constructions ( both commercial and residential )  etc etc. Anyways growing up i never much paid much attention to this.  Now I can let the trend continue so that my kids are left with much less water,  even less open play grounds and basically much less resources than I had.

Or, I can do something about it.  I make my concern ; my opinion; my voice heard.  JUST VOTE !!! The “Right to Vote” was not a fundamental right that was given to us by birth, it was fought for and fought for very hard. Our ancestors laid down their lives for this. So if we don’t value their efforts and don’t realize the power in the “Right to Vote”, then I’m afraid my kids will have to do what my ancestors had to do. And certainly I don’t want that to happen.

And since I believe I can do more than VOTING, i want to make campaign and make sure the right candidate gets voted for this job. It doesn’t mean that once the candiated gets voted, he or she will do the job. The onus is on me and YOU to make sure that that gets done.

the GHMC elections are the elections that would define the present and the future of my neighbhorhood and your neighbhorhood.


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