The perfect entertainment channel

Often over the weekend, i find myself surfing the tv programs constantly.  I can’t watch a single program for more than 5 – 10 minutes as they are not entertaining or interesting or educative .. basically nothing worth watching. It’s a frustrating experience to find something worthwhile to watch.

Then i landed upon the NDTV 24×7 news channel. The news channel had everything packaged into one, there was sports; movies; fashion parades; advertisements; movie trailers; mindless debates and discussions; gossips; so i don’t have to flip any other channel. Every 10 minutes, there is something new. But wait a minute , did i say it was a 24×7 news channel !!!

Yeah, i did say the news channel. It has everything in huge doses, except for the indepth news coverage. The little news that’s shown is mostly on the lines of “Who said What” ; “How one reacted to that”. Ofcourse, the most favorite line up on the news channels are the live coverages of a grave tragedy.  It’s amazing how fast the channel bring’s out it’s subject experts ( no matter what the subject is ) and stage a live analysis of the siutation. Oh and there is one other thing, that the news channel in depth, the celebreties.

for instance:

  1. I know who designed the clothes for Aishwarya Rai for her marriage. But i don’t know anything about the arrest of Binayak Sen.
  2. I know all the places our Indian cricketers visited when touring New Zealand, but i don’t know anything about the trips the farmers have to make to the government offices to keep their families alive.
  3. I know everything about the “Operation Taj”, but i don’t know anything about the “Operation flood relief”.
  4. I know everything about the huge elephant structures that Mayawati is building in Uttar Pradesh and i know nothing about the houses that were supposed to be built for the slum dwellers and the displaced.

and I can go on …… the news basically covers everything, but an honest and sincere indepth coverage of the “News that Matters the Most” is what is missing and is missing BIG TIME.

And I also feel the news channel should even be given the “A” rating, as the language spoken or the content shown is not appropriate for kids.  So it’s a perfect Adult Entertaining Channel. It’s not just NDTV, i’m sure there are other channels, but like i said, i just got stuck with NDTV.



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  1. Well said Suresh-“Adult entertainment channels” is the apt way of describing these so called “24/7 news channels”…
    Just when you think that the national “news” channels are bad enough, you see a cluster of regional news channels now, which are worse to say the least…Just recently when I was surfing for movie channels, by chance I came accross a report on TV9 over a student’s suicide incident somewhere in AP and I was shocked to see the uncovered pictures of the dead-body still hanging across the rope from the ceiling….clearly breaking the rules of privacy, decency, acceptability…there have been/and still are many instances like this where the very basic ethics of journalism(so basic that they’re quite obvious to even a layman) are broken and yet somehow escape unscathed…

    I’ve always wondered if there are no rules/code of conduct for the journalists in India. I just spent some time on it browsing the net and found some interesting facts:

    As you may expect, there are infact a number of guidelines set by the ‘Press Council Of India’ to ensure freedom of press and maintain minimum journalistic standards (, but there are some serious questions on both the procedures for enforcing the code and also on ‘framing’ a new exhaustive code of ethics. The basic problem lies in the Press Council’s unwillingness to be governed by the legislature, fearing playing itself into the hands of the government, thereby losing its valued “Freedom”. So, in the zeal to protect the freedom of press, the council has never allowed to frame a strong new code and restricted itself to merely follow some already laid ‘norms’ and evolve slowly on a case-by-case basis, which apparently hasn’t helped the cause (

    The other and more important issue is “how to enforce the code of ethics” and here again, due to its longing to be a powerful and independent body, the council of press has never given serious consideration to this and has become a tooth-less organization which is too week to be cared for. Ofcourse once in a while it takes action on such incidents but that’s 1 in million. It can easily do more (

    One alternative that some newspapers in India have adopted is hiring an Ombudsman to monitor these codes in each organizations, but again, if its done independently for each news agency, then obviously would be ineffective…but just some food for thought there…

    The point of this post is to ask you if you think we can do something just to show public dissent over the various news channels for lack of standards and demanding better action over them, like what you guys volunteered for showing support to the ACBill(getting e-signatures)…even if it doesnot make any difference, just to bring it to the notice of people in the press council about the increasing repulsion over the news channels/papers…

    As you said in one of your previous posts, the media has a moral and a social responsibility to fulfill just like any other citizen and I think its high time we pressurize them to understand their responsibilities…

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