So what’s in it for me ???

The AP government completed 100 days in office.  While 100 days is not in any way meant to gauge the government, but at least would help give an indication of the initial tone and direction set by the government. The congress manifesto which was voted to power in 2009 had continued with some of the previously more succesful programs such as Araygoyasri, Indiramma etc and has also added a whole bunch of ambitious programs. It has also spent some huge sums of money in it’s previous term and also set aside huge crores for this term for some of the programs. While the government should be appreciated in coming up some very good proposals and programs, it needs to be seen how much of it will get done.

As we have seen quite often in the past, the government policies, programs and proposals are exteremly good on paper, but when it comes to implement them, most of the governments fail. So the onus is on you and me to make sure the policies are implemented , or if they are not impemented, we must atleast try and ensure that the money that was meant for these programs is not misused. 

  • The continuation of welfare programmes such as INDIRAMMA , JALAYAGNAM, ARAYGOYASRI.
  • Extend the 2 Rupees a kg rice scheme by giving 5 kgs instead of 3kgs to White Ration Card holders.
  • The Weajer Section Housing Program
  • The Land Distribution Scheme
  • Complete reimbursement of tuition fee scheme.
  • Weavers and the Tappers package.
  • 4% reservation for Muslim minorities.
  • The Kalyanamasthu programme.
  • Paval Vaddi scheme.
  • Dhobhi ghats with all modern facilities will be provided for all the localities to reduce the drudgery of washing and ironing.
  • Encourage BC rural artisans like Goldsmiths, blacksmiths, Carpenters, Weavers, Tappers, Washermen etc to form into
  • SHG’s for purchase of tools for commons use.
  • Special initiaitives will be taken to step up literacy rate among the SC, ST girls.
  • Overhauling of the State health care administration.
  • Double the Capicity of power in the next five years.
  • State to provide 9 hours per day to the farm sector from 1st June 2009.
  • Every household to have a gas connection at the end of the fourth year.
  • Every household to have an electrical connection and a sanitary tiolet at the end of the 5 year term.
  • Cover all citizens with Biometric Identity Cards.
  • Implementing the forest land rights act.
  • Cooperative Movement: Select one or two villages for every Mandal in the State for the  Cooperative Momvement.
  • Launch Mobile Agri and Livestock Clinics with consultation facilities on the lines of 108 and 104 for providing ready service to the farmers at their doorstep on matters like soil testing,  agricultural practices, animal health care, artificial insemination.
  • All SC, ST, BC and Minority residential schools across the State wll be elevated to the standards
    of Navodaya schools by improving the infrastructure and number of teachers.
  • University in every district.

I plan to soon start knocking on the doors of the administration and the government departments to seek answers and status updates on some if not all of the above.  It’s not going to be easy and i’m not even sure if it’s possible, but would I know it without trying, would I ?  

So what’s in it for me ?

it will be whatever I (We) can ensure

sources for the manifesto:



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