When does it stop ?

Oct 8, 2009 : Seventeen policemen killed in an ambush by Maoists at Laheri police station in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. 
Sep 30: Naxalites set ablaze Gram Panchayat offices at Korchi and Belgaon in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.
Sep 26: Naxals kill BJP MP from Balaghat Baliram Kashyap’s sons at Pairaguda village in Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh).
Sep 4: Naxals kill four villagers in a forest in Aaded village in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur district.

and am sure, i can find tens and hundreds  of such Naxal attacks in the past year or so. Infact, it’s now become an Indian reality. Just like, the price rise, the corruption, the terrorism issues, naxalism has become a tragic reality.

Why is that our own people picked up arms against our own people  and now , now the government , again our own people are using arms against the naxals , again our own people ? 

Why ? Does the government really have no other option , do the naxalites have no other option but to pick up arms. If each one of them starts killing each other, no doubt casualties will include people on either side, but no doubt, casualties will also include kids, women, innocent men and women, because the arms  DONT discriminate.  So what’s so complicated that it can’t be discussed. Oh I remember, the government won’t have discussions with the Naxals unless they lay down their arms. They won’t negotiate with anti social elements, blah.. blah.. blah ..and the usual BS.

And why can’t the Naxals lay down their arms and come to the discussions. After all the naxals claim to be fighting for the rights of the common man and for this they have sacrificed everything and picked up the arms. Now for the sake of the same common man, can they not, lay down their arms and come to the discussions.

Now if either side won’t budge ,  the only way this fight will end is when one side is eliminated.

Do we want to go to this extreme ? Can the more sensible one not compromise and get the two sides to the table for some meaningful dialogue and discussions. And who is the more sensible or rather who should be the most sensible. The Government. So why can’t the government ask the Naxals to come to the discussions with out any pre-conditions and try and put an end to this meaning less killings of innocent people.   

The more isolated the Naxals the get from the society, the more dangerous they become to the society. 

I’m no expert on this subject matter. May be it’s not that easy, but it should not be that difficult either, especially when you see innocent people getting killed day in and day out. And infact the people who get killed in these situations are very fortunate, those who are left behind , are left behind to wait till they die. And these people will either sincerely wait for their death or pick up the arms and fight back .. So when does it stop …. ? Just when ???


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