So what is …. Democracy ?

Democracy has a new meaning now or atleast that’s what i learnt during my stint with the GHMC election campaign . So as per the new definition for Democracy

  • Anyone  can contest the elections, including criminals. After all it’s a democratic country. 
  • Any candidate who is willing to spend more than the other is gauranteed to win the elections. So what if the election commission has restricted the election expenditure to 2 lakhs ($4000), after all it’s a democratic country, you can spend as much as you can afford.
  • Right to vote doesn’t mean one has to vote. It just means people can vote if they want to otherwise , they could simply go on a vacation and enjoy the extended weekend. After all …… it’s a democratic country.
  • For 5 lakhs ($10,000) you could buy a week long quarter page ad in the local news papers. The journalists will come knocking on your door and take your interview and will publish everything that you want to publish for the entire week. 

Democracy as it stands now , is for the people with money ( with money ), of the people ( with money ) and  by the people ( with money ).

Whatever happened to the free press, whatever happened to the right to vote, whatever happened to social responsibility. I think India had to pay a hefty price for it’s independence.


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