live political drama

  1. Jago Telangana wale, Bhago Andhra wale ( I’m not sure how the leader of a party can say say such insensible things .)
  2. Settlers
  3. Andhraites
  4. Telanganaites

These are some of the new words, phrases that i’ve come across in the recent one week or so !! All of a sudden, there is talk of which region ( Andhra, Rayalaseema, Telangana ) one belongs to , where one’s roots are , is someone a settler or a localite ??? I’m not sure when this is going to end.  Anything is possible especially in this age of MEDIA and with our GREAT LEADERS, anything is possible !!!! And that’s big my biggest fear .

I’m disappointed the way the whole situation is unfolding. It’s a complete chaos. Telangana, being such a sensitive issue, the authorities ( both Telganana leaders & the government ) should have been more proactive and taken measures to avoid this kind of an outburst. There is so much of bad blood now between the “For” and “Against” telangana people, I can’t even imagine what would the situation be like post Telangana.

There is not an iota of doubt in my mind that Telangana’s situation is a result of “Politics & Politicians” at it’s best and since it will be, yet again the same set of politicians ruling us, post Telangana, sensitive issues like “nativity, birth rights etc ” can easily be flared up and the MEDIA is always there to fan these sentiments further. Maharashtra is a classic example. Both Media and Shiv Sena have been responsible in instilling a fear in the minds of North Indian’s settled in Maharashtra. I hope a similar situation doesn’t arise.

Congress, TDP , TRS all political parties are to be equally blamed for the whole situation. Promises are made, compromised, reconcilled, broken all dependening on what’s beneficial for the party; what suits the party and the leader of the party. Telangana has always been an election issue rather than the people’s issue.   

A demand for a separate state could have been more diplomatically without having to create a real division between the people. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth and we already know the bad taste will remain for a long long time.


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  1. While I’m not sure if the separate statehood sentiment was always restricted to politicians alone, the whole sequence of incidents in the last few weeks leading to the current situation where there is “no way out”, is incomprehensible…especially when it is all started by someone in whom the whole region lost faith in (evident in the big loss TRS suffered recently) in doing any good for the region…

    K.Rosaiah shud have never made a big issue out of it by straight away arresting KCR in the first place-that started it all and once students started getting involved, it was never in anyone’s control-KCR was evidently ‘forced’ to continue his fast…resulting in such mess…

    Secondly, the utter hasty manner in which the center has announced the decision on such a sensitive issue without even a consulting other state leaders or attempting to assess the popular public opinion in the state… now its just the political parties playing the dirty game which they excel in as always….and as you said-its hard to imagine the amount of bad-blood that might be flared up at the end of it all…

    And apart from this, there was talk about maoist groups supporting the telangana movement for their own advantages and being majorly responsible for the outburst that started in hyd….well, if that is true, all i can say is they’re in no way different from the ‘selfish’ politicians that they claim to be fighting against…

    The damage is already done-both to hundreds of crores of public property as usual and also by the ill-sentiments flared up in the last few weeks…I only hope something is decided and implemented very soon-whatever it is-even if it is dividing AP into 2 or even 3 and sanity eventually prevails back home…

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