The Indian Police

controlling an angry and a rowdy crowd; imposing a bandh or a curfew; maintaining law and order; dealing with petty criminals; great robberies; managing large crowds @ the temples; so in essence the police have the job of managing some of the most mundane to some of the most intricate jobs.

Should anything go wrong in their line of the duty, the police are taken apart, shredded into pieces. The Media, the public, the politicians, the government , the police become an easy target for everybody.

No, I’m not saying the police shouldn’t be criticized for not doing their job. They should be whenever they fail to perform their duty. But, then, why do they fail, time and again. Is it because they are incapable or inefficient or they are corrupt and don’t necessarily do their jobs.

I’m no expert in this subject, but just some common sense and some observations help me understand the situation a little bit better.

  • The police have old service revolvers , but they are expected to face Ak 47’s .
  • The police have lathi’s to control an angry mob. They don’t have a proper body gear as in body armour, body shields etc. They don’t even have water guns or jets to break the mob.
  • The average police man earn far less than what is sufficient to keep a typical family happy. Not always, but sometimes, this lack of recognizition leads to lack of confidence, lack of interest , lack of dignity and sometimes could also force the police to become corrupt.

So, in essence, the police needs to be empowered. They play a crucial role in maintaining the law and order of a country and we ( the people and the government ) everything possible to make sure they understand their role and also they become fully equipped so that they could taken on this responsibility. The government obviously has vested interests in not letting this happen, but we as people should do more than simply criticizing when they fail and pay tribute when they die in the line of the duty.

But what can I (we ) do to help the situation change ? For starters I should start giving the respect they deserve and be appreciative of what they are doing.

In the meanwhile try and identify NGO’s or groups who are already working with the government to bring about some of the much needed reforms to th Indian Police department and see how you and I could contribute.


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