Project After 10th

I remember during my schooling days, i was realy apprehensive about my 10th class board exams. Not because of the board exams, but I was apprehensive about what next ? i.e. what after 10th. Fortunately for me my dad was there to guide me and so were my teachers and my other friends.

Not everyone is as fortunate as me. There are about 10 – 12 lakh students who graduate from 10th standard and out of which 80 – 85 % of the students are from the government schools. Most of these students have no one to guide and help choose a career path that is in line with their capabilities and most importantly their interests and ambitions.

This is precisely why there is a great need for this project called “Project After 10th“. The project focuses on guiding these 10’s of lakhs of students by giving them the much needed guidance in the form of a well designed and a very concise career guidance book.

The book details the

  • different career paths ;
  • course works;
  • professional exams ;
  • list of colleges;
  • admission procedures
  • and a wide variety of other information.

Other highlights of the project

  • The book is published in “Telugu” .
  • The books are distributed free of cost to a large number of schools in various districts.
  • There are 1100 mandals in the state and each mandal has an average of 32 schools including the government run, government support run and aided high schools. The books were distributed to 140 mandals just last year alone. The total number of copies distributed is 9200. Approximately 14500 students were benefited. 
  •  Distributed one book for the school below 50 students and 2 copies for more than 50. 

The project is run by VMRG foundation and this year the goal is to

  • Distribute books to schools in 20 districts . This would require 364 units of books (36400 copies).
  • VMRG Foundation is contributing for 100 units and looking for support for the remaining 264 units (26400 copies).
  • Each copy costs Rs. 35.50 i.e. 3550.00 per one Unit (100 copies).
  • So, total project value is Rs. 12,92,200.00 and VMRG’s contribution is 3,55,500.00.

I wish the project a great success and more importantly success to all the receipents of these books.

For further details , please visit Project After Tenth.


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