A Walk out in parliament

The common man, the working midlle class, to a certain extent, the upper midlle class all pay their taxes on their hard earned money. Parliamentary sessions are one of the important government activities where the tax money or the people’s money is spent on.

What happened yesterday during the budget session was unacceptable, highly irresponsible and a very immature act. Walking out or staging a protest during the most important session ( the budget session ) which has a potential of influencing every Indian, was not was expected of the elected leaders.

If the opposition felt that raising fuel prices was unacceptable, it should have been done through proper means of debating, negotiation and other possible means, but on the floor of the house. Did their walk out help stop the price hike, no it didn’t. But it certainly wasted the tax payer’s money.

Now, this is not the only instance , when such protests were staged. Even worse happened, the politicians abusing, threatening and in some cases  man handling. The politicians even forget that it’s being covered live on national television.

Why can’t they be penalized , punished and held responsible ?

I will start out with an RTI to gather some data on how useful the parliamentary sessions were in the past 1 year. But things got to change, the Parliament where the future of India, future of every Indian and the future of every next gen is decided, it’s not acceptable to treat it as their own backyard. DAMN IT, it’s the parliament, show some respect.


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  1. Wow Suresh, I did not know that you get angry too 🙂

    Yes, there should be some rules of conduct and clear measurable penalties for bad behaviour just like any other sporting event where teams compete – soccer, american football and cricket.

    Also the constitution of India is not known to exist in the minds of majority of Indians. I argue that all literacy programs – for adults and children use the Indian constitution as a “vehicle” to teach english, local vernacular, civic lessons of importance of legislature enacting laws and how the constitution protects citizens from “unjust man-made” laws by special interests.

    The extension of this argument is to use theater skits and plays to communicate lessons learnt – with a series of well funded competitions. My “thousand lights fund” dream includes this public service expenditure.

    Good luck with the RTI effort.

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