Pictures sure talk !!!

My friend Usha, shared some pictures that she shot during her visit to the flood affected areas in Kurnool and some that were shot in and around Hyderabad. The pictures told the story of a sorry state of affairs, the desperation of the people, their sufferings, their struggles. Pictures sure talk and talk loud and clear.

Cosy behind the dumpsters: Where we , the priveleged , throw the unwanted, the under-priveleged find it to be a perfect place to keep themselves warm.

Hands reaching out for food: A single stroke of mother nature’s cruelty and some hundreds of thousands of people loosing their everything. Their loved one’s, their material possessions, their livelihood , but for those left behind, the struggle for survival goes on.

Migrants Labors and their families: The only ambition is to get that next meal to everyone in the family.

Why the disparity, why the negligence, why the suffering and the struggling , what can justify an existense of a world that’s world apart ?

Come to think of it, what separates you and I and the people in the pictures is the opportunities that we got in our lives. We had a healthy and happy childhood ; good education ; parental support ; support from the society ( in some cases ) along with other opportunities such as access to loans ( housing, education etc ). Why can’t the same opportunities be made available to the under-priveleged ?

Is that too idealistic , well i think it’s quite pragmatic . We don’t need to be sympathetic towards the under-priveleged, we don’t need to help them by giving them money, food or clothes, but we just help a little bit to make sure they get what they deserve. For instance, the government has various programs for the people below the poverty line, however, they are not implemented the way they should be ? Now, it’s up to the people to take it up to the authorities and fight for these benefits. But if they are not aware of such benefits, then how will they  even question anything ? If they don’t question, then why would the authorities bother to do their jobs ?

What good is education if it can’t benefit the people, the society @ large ? If we the educated don’t take up their cause, then who will ? And why should we take up, because we are capable of ? Everyone has the potential to make a difference in atleast one other person’s life.


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