Riots …. then, now and ever

The 1984 Sikh Riots ; The 1993 Bombay Riots; The 2002 Gujara riots ; The Bhopal gas tragedy are just a few that immediately that come to mind, for the simple reason that they are the most widely reported and debated.  There are some very disturbing commonalities in all these riots.

  1. Those responsible never get caught; never punished for their attrocities; never held accountable. Indira Gandhi got relected , Narendra Modi got reelected , Shibu Soren etc etc , the list goes on.
  2. Those who are victims of these riots are left to suffer for the rest of their lives, because the local administrations, the government officials refuse to acknolwedge and accept their responsibility.
  3. The future generations of the victims suffer.
  4. The riots become a media sensation for the next so many weeks , months .
  5. There are furious debates, human rights activitsts on the roads with placards, while the riot is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

After some time, the people forget , the administration forgets, the media forgets, only the victims remember. What is also very disturbing is the fact that the very society in which the victims live also forgets what their neighbhors had been victimized. 

The notion of, “As long as not it’s me or my family that is the victim” should cease to exist. Until then riots will happen, disasters will happen, bomb blasts will happen and the next time it could be you and me who could be the victims.

I don’t understand how we could ever forget all that has happened in the past and continue to boast about our economic prosperity and a 9% growth rate , does it really matter ? One may argue that we need to forget the past and move one, but it’s not ok to simply forgot the past and not learn anything from it and continue to repeat the same mistakes. I and you can really be proud of our country the day when it values the life of every citizen the way it values the Ambani’s, the Bachan’s, the Modi’s and the Gandhi’s.


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