Can we just go back to the basics ?

How many times have you and I not heard about this, “Get your basics right !!” Be it an athlete, be it a doctor, be it an engineer or be it a farmer, this applies to everyone. Get the basics first and then build on it.

Isn’t that basic enough, isn’t that simple enough ? May be it is , but that’s the whole point. When i hear our politicians, the policy makers talk about bringing in sweeping changes in the education system, or introducing genetically modified crops. I mean it’s not just the politicians , the media too, with a 24 hour news, pre and post election analysis. Why can’t the media simply report the news and not make the news. Leave the news making to the news makers. Keep it simple, go back to the basics.

Let me dig into this a little bit more. Kapil Sibal is all about reforms, taking the big and bold steps to shake up the education system. I got real excited when he annoucned the removal of examination systems, make it a grading system , a common entrance exam system etc etc. This was all basic right because he was addressing the real issues of school education. But this was not enough, the current state of affairs of our government run schools is pathetic , to put it simply. Shouldn’t the education reforms also focus on this . I heard a lot of talk about getting in foreign universities , which mind you also involves giving huge subsidies, this to me is trying to do something complicated.

Mr. Jairam Ramesh treied hard and i mean real hard to convince the governments to adopt the BT Brinjal. I’m very relieved he had to face stubborn resistance. I wish the minister had put in the same effort in trying to address the real concerns of the farmers and get back to basics of how rain water harvesting , for example, can solve the issues of water scarcity.

Just stick to the basics, like Tendulkar, who for the last 17 years of playing world class cricket, won’t forget the basics. Once you get the basics right, you coud improvize, be innovative and build on it. 

Can we please, and please get back to the most simple things. Life is complicated enough, let’s not make it more complicated and let’s not allow someone to make it more complicated for us ?


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